WeEn Semiconductor attended the 2022 Nanchang Electronic Information Industry Development Conference

Recently, the sub-event of the 2022 World VR Industry Conference – 2022 Nanchang electronic Information Industry Development Conference was successfully held. Ruineng Semiconductor was invited to attend as a leading enterprise in the technology industry. Mr. Shen Xin, the company’s chief strategy officer, spoke on stage as a representative, and introduced the company’s strategic investment, R&D and construction in Jiangxi market in detail, and shared with many enterprise representatives and industry experts Discuss how to promote the high-quality development of Nanchang’s electronic information industry.

WeEn Semiconductor attended the 2022 Nanchang Electronic Information Industry Development Conference

Mr. Shen Xin, Chief Strategy Officer of Ruineng Semiconductor, made a speech on the spot

As a strategic emerging pillar industry in Nanchang, the scale of Nanchang’s electronic information industry last year was close to 200 billion yuan. The Industrial chain is becoming more and more complete, the industrial advantages are becoming more and more prominent, and the industrial ecology is becoming more and more complete. Nanchang unswervingly regards the electronic information industry as the main engine of industrial development, adheres to the “two-handed approach” of large-scale and quality improvement, introduces a number of major projects, and strives to achieve a scale of 500 billion yuan in the city’s electronic information industry by 2025, and accelerates the creation of a powerful A regional electronic information industry cluster with national influence.

Since its inception, Ruineng Semiconductor has set up its headquarters in Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, Nanchang County. In the years of rapid development, with the support of Nanchang, Jiangxi, WeEn Semiconductor has grown into a leading enterprise in China’s power semiconductor industry, and through continuous R&D investment and technology accumulation, it has created a series of competitive products. product.

Mr. Shen Xin, chief strategy officer of WeEn Semiconductor, said that in the process of WeEn’s development, Nanchang has given great support in terms of specific support policies and provided a good business environment. WeEn Semiconductor can feel the determination and ambition of Nanchang Municipal Government and Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone for the development of electronic information industry. Therefore, we can fully devote ourselves to scientific research, innovation and development.

WeEn Semiconductor attended the 2022 Nanchang Electronic Information Industry Development Conference

It is worth emphasizing that the national first-class reliability and failure analysis laboratory established by WeEn Semiconductor in Nanchang is a very important part of the Group’s R&D and customer support. It not only helps products to continuously improve performance and quality, but also responds to customer needs Give a quick response. This year, WeEn Semiconductor undertook Nanchang’s major scientific and technological research project – the development of high-performance silicon carbide MOSFET products. Through the implementation of this project, WeEn will further strengthen its leading technology position in the third-generation semiconductor field and provide new products for the continuous and vigorous development. The energy industry is adding bricks and tiles.

For a long time, WeEn Semiconductor has led the development of the industry with technological innovation, and has formed a global layout with Nanchang as the company headquarters, Shanghai as the operation center, and sales outlets in Asia, Europe, and America. Currently, WeEn Semiconductor has numerous domestic and international patents, ranking second in the world in the field of thyristors, and top six in the field of silicon carbide diodes.

WeEn Semiconductor attended the 2022 Nanchang Electronic Information Industry Development Conference

The next ten years will be an era for the further development of the electronic information industry. At the same time, for Chinese power semiconductor companies, there will be continuous opportunities and challenges. WeEn Semiconductor is confident that under the leadership and support of governments at all levels, it will actively promote the company’s development, accelerate product layout, and promote scientific research and innovation, especially based in Nanchang, deeply cultivate Nanchang, and help local companies in technological innovation, talent development, and social responsibility. High-quality development.

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Published on 11/27/2022