What is Warehouse Evolution?All bosses should really see

“The evolutionary outcome of a species is not necessarily the strongest or the smartest, but the most adaptable to change,” Darwin said.

Nowadays, under the impact of the new economic wave such as the Industrial Internet of Things and the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry, traditional enterprises are facing various problems. Among them, warehousing is an inescapable part.

The warehousing and logistics industry has long been labor-intensive, inefficient in operation and fragmented in the market. Under the environment of increasingly severe population aging, difficulty in recruiting personnel, and rising rents, it has become a key issue that needs to be concentrated in production and operation.

In the face of changes, the labor-intensive warehousing and logistics industry also needs to develop in an intensive direction driven by AI algorithms and combined with intelligent equipment. In particular, the rise of e-commerce has put forward higher requirements for the operational efficiency of traditional warehouses. Smart logistics is showing an “accelerated” development. The intelligent transformation of warehousing has become a must for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Evolution is the meaning of intelligent transformation.

What is Warehouse Evolution?All bosses should really see

Evolving Smart Warehousing

How to evolve? Find a certain development direction in the moment of uncertainty.

In the future of smart logistics, a clear development context has become an industry consensus. The integrated management of logistics activities such as information, transportation, warehousing, inventory, loading and unloading, and packaging has become a new engine for the development of modern warehousing and logistics. According to the development trend analysis and future investment forecast report of China’s modern logistics market (2022-2029), the scale of the smart logistics market is growing rapidly.

In this “evolution” process, “warehousing” is no longer a “warehouse” in the traditional sense, but a multi-dimensional and refined management process. When problems such as low labor efficiency, low floor efficiency, high cost, and the pulse growth of sales at promotional nodes have become prominent features in the new economic context, the evolution direction of warehousing is already clear—that is, to break the traditional concept of space and use flexible automation equipment and data. The management platform helps enterprises maintain efficient operations, achieve efficient and accurate matching between supply and demand of massive commodities, and achieve the ultimate goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This is especially important in the wake of the pandemic, as matching supply and demand is more challenging than ever.

Obviously, Hairou innovation is an innovative force that cannot be ignored in this wave of warehouse automation.Hairou Innovation has pioneered ACR (Container Storage) in the world.robot) system category, its founding team started to develop ACR in 2015. Then in 2016, the first ACR system, the HAIPICK System, was developed and tested. HAIPICK System has the advantages of high efficiency, high storage, high flexibility, and high cost performance, which can help warehouses and factories to automate management and realize intelligent handling, picking and sorting. According to the data, Hairou’s innovative ACR system can help customers increase the storage density by 80%-400% and improve the picking efficiency of workers by 3-4 times by completing the accurate identification of the containers and realizing “container-to-person” through automation. .

The global headquarters of Hairou Innovation is located in Shenzhen, and it has risen rapidly in the industry after only five years of establishment. At present, Hairou’s innovative ACR (box-type warehousing Robot) system has successfully reduced costs and increased efficiency for many customers in shoes and apparel, third-party logistics, retail, cross-border e-commerce, and medicine. At the same time, Hairou Innovation has also achieved outstanding results in global market expansion and layout. As a leading force in “intelligent manufacturing” in China, Hairou Innovation has also developed its business to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

Based on the deep understanding of the industry, Hairou innovatively takes the pulse of the industry’s needs and launches a brand film with the theme of “Warehouse Evolution” in a timely manner. In the scene interpretation, it not only truly reflects the real pain points of many customers, but also educates the market in a humorous way. Deepen the customer’s understanding of the ACR (Box Warehousing Robot) system.

The present and future of smart warehousing

The Double Eleven promotion is the busiest period of the year. In the early stage of the “battle” of the big promotion, can we only urgently recruit staff, apply for temporary warehouses, and work overtime for employees? Under “inertial thinking”, it is always “safest” to not innovate or change. Labor costs, warehouse costs, and operating costs are rising. Even if the sales volume is doubled, it is still difficult to escape the question of the senior management of the company: Is it worth the money? Is there an optimal solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency?

“Warehouse Evolution” gives us a new solution for warehousing and logistics in the new era: bin robots with a height of up to 10 meters, standardized bins and shelves to store goods, improve the storage density of existing spaces instead of blindly adding new warehouses, Automated equipment relieves the heavy labor of human labor, improves operational efficiency, and relieves the long-suffering recruitment pressure of warehouses and factories – this is a more “long-term” way of thinking.

What is Warehouse Evolution?All bosses should really see

Whether it is a B-end customer or a C-end consumer, the expectations for logistics delivery only increase. Under the high-efficiency index, it is inevitable that people will read the wrong label and send the wrong product. Cost reduction and efficiency increase are not only for ROI considerations, but also need to help customers reduce the risk of errors and improve service quality. In the second story of The Evolution of Warehousing, we see the most common mistakes: products in the warehouse are vaguely marked, and pickers send the wrong item. The ACR system can help customers realize order data management. The picking accuracy rate of robots reaches 99.9%. Every process such as warehousing, sorting, and warehousing can be seen on the visual page, changing the messy state of traditional warehouses. , to be accurate, efficient and error-free.

What is Warehouse Evolution?All bosses should really see

The “smart evolution” of warehousing and logistics is closely related to the survival and development of millions of Chinese enterprises. Among them, “flexibility” is a crucial indicator. With the help of the ACR system, enterprises can flexibly expand equipment according to the growing demand of orders; the manufacturing industry can realize the improvement of logistics efficiency and production capacity in smart factories. Just like the third lesson of “Warehouse Evolution Theory”: flexible automation upgrade, improve warehouse competitiveness. It can be said that if any enterprise neglects to establish a leading competitiveness in warehousing and logistics, it may be a potential crisis and shortcoming of future development.

What is Warehouse Evolution?All bosses should really see

ACR system for customers to speed up and increase efficiency, in the final analysis, let customers in the industryDigitizingIt “runs” more smoothly on the track. At present, the ACR system has been applied in various industries such as footwear and apparel, 3C manufacturing, retail, 3PL, medicine, and injection molding. Hairou Innovation has also become the backbone of many well-known brands such as SF DHL, Li & Fung Supply Chain, Anta, Bosideng, and Philips. Warehousing logistics partner. 500+ projects, all delivered 100%, not only harvested a large number of “returning customers”, but also provided the industry with a demonstration sample of the standardization of smart logistics systems. In Birmingham, UK, Wanyitong, a leading enterprise in cross-border e-commerce supply chain management, also cooperated with Hairou Innovation to establish an ACR smart warehouse, escorting the cross-border business of more than 3,000 Chinese merchants in the UK, and achieving a 60% increase in warehouse storage density. , the loss rate decreased by 30%, and the timely delivery rate was close to 100%.

At the industry level that provides solutions to customers, the product level that provides system solution design, and the capability level that provides the underlying basic technology, Hairou’s innovative ACR system represents the leading technology level of Chinese enterprises in the world, and will continue to be in the future. Innovation benefits more companies around the world.

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Published on 11/22/2022