What operating modes can be produced by building a medical robot?

1. Programming fixed mode

The fixed mode of programming is that the Robot has a central control computer chip that controls the rocker arm and extremity machinery. When companies research and develop robots that need to be used in the medical field, they have taken into account the fixed operation mode in the process of product design as early as possible. By cyclically programming the operation of the Robot at the control end, it is possible to carry out flow-based medical operations according to the program.

2. Manual handle operation

The manual handle operation is that in addition to the automatic programmed operation of the Robot, the robot can also perform flexible manual operation through controllers such as handles. Operate with your own thoughts, and you can control the operation of the mechanical rocker according to the needs of the doctor.

3. Remote mechanical simulation

The remote mechanical simulation is that most hospitals often do not have experienced and capable doctors for incurable diseases. At this time, telemedicine assistance is needed to operate the delicate doctors, and the robots can be controlled remotely through the controller connected to the network interface. The platform can perform operations for patients remotely, solving the difficult problem of remote transfer and assistance of medical resources.

Building a medical robot can generate operating modes such as programming fixed mode, manual handle operation, and remote mechanical simulation. Medical robots enrich use scenarios through a variety of operation modes for different purposes. Physicians can learn the behavioral operation modes of robots through simple training, and then play a good role in assisting operations in hospitals.

Published on 09/15/2022