What pain points need to be overcome for the development of the robot industry in Shentong’s introduction of sorting robots

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: The high breakage rate of express delivery has not been criticized by consumers. However, in the field of express delivery, sorting depends entirely on manpower. The large number of goods, heavy tasks, and tight schedules cause great pressure on operators. Sorting goods are solved by “throwing”. When you come to the express delivery or logistics sorting center, you can see What arrives is all kinds of express items flying in the air. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for the express to not be damaged. But recently, the hand-pickers seem to feel that the phenomenon of express damage is less. Is the express sorting staff gentle?Otherwise, this is fully automatic sortingRobot‘s credit.

The domestic express delivery giant Shentong Express has already introduced such a fully automatic sorting Robot. The Robot can distinguish packages, deliver them to designated areas, and even charge them automatically. Such sorting robots can save half of human resources for express companies.

What pain points need to be overcome for the development of the robot industry in Shentong's introduction of sorting robots

It is understood that this sorting robot was jointly developed by Shentong Express and Zhejiang Lidar Robot Co., Ltd. At present, it has been used in many logistics points of Shentong Express.

This also has a strong demonstration role for my country’s robot industry. By cooperating with downstream application customers, tailoring robot products according to customer needs is also an important means for robot companies to meet the individual needs of customers and expand the market.

At present, my country is leading the world in robot applications, and players are very interested in how robots can cooperate with workers and improve work efficiency. After all, the robot industry can truly change the world only if it is put into practical application.

According to the analysis of the “Analysis Report on the Development Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning of China’s Service Robot Industry” by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the global robot sales have steadily increased in recent years.industryRobot sales reached 225,000 units in 2014. The scale of the industry will continue to expand steadily in the future.

What pain points need to be overcome for the development of the robot industry in Shentong's introduction of sorting robots

Source: Compiled by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute

At present, labor-intensive industries such as express delivery and warehousing are moving towardsautomationIt’s already the trend. Amazon has realized the automation of warehouse management for a long time, and its warehouse robots have exceeded 30,000 units, successfully reducing the cost of warehouse logistics.

Even in the future, with the promotion of unmanned logistics vehicles, it is not impossible to equip them with delivery robots.

In short, with the rising cost of human resources, more and more labor-intensive companies are beginning to use intelligent robots. In addition, those industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, semiconductors, etc., which are dangerously high in civil explosion, national defense and military industries, and require high cleanliness of product production environment, will become key markets for the robotics industry.

However, the market acceptance of robots in my country is not high at present. Except for some large enterprises, most small and medium-sized enterprises have not shown much interest. The main reason is that the cost of robot products is too high, and small and medium-sized enterprises cannot afford them. Therefore, if financial institutions can join in, such as setting up a leasing company, to help small and medium-sized enterprises complete the upgrade of “robot flower”, there will also be greater investment certainty, but an accurate assessment of the company’s development prospects and profitability is required.

Published on 09/01/2022