Why do Cainiao, JD.com, SF Express, Yuantong, etc. have so many stories with Hong Kong?

Yiou Logistics was informed that the cooperation between Bangbangtu and SF Express (Hong Kong) was just revealed recently. In fact, as early as December 14, 2018, a joint venture company, Jianshun Information Technology Company, was established to combine logistics technology. With the operation foundation, it provides daily distribution and freight services for the local market in Hong Kong.

Indeed, in recent years, Hong Kong, which enjoys the reputations of “Pearl of the Orient”, “Gourmet Paradise” and “Shopping Paradise”, has gradually generated many stories with express logistics companies and e-commerce platforms.

Rookie:Cainiao has established an eHub (digital hub) in Hong Kong, aiming to make Hong Kong a world-class logistics hub.In addition, the Airport Authority Hong Kong and Ali have pledged to work closely together to build a global intelligent logistics backbone network and promote the development of inclusive trade. So far, the smart logistics backbone network has benefited the lives of Hong Kong citizens. The delivery rate of Tmall Supermarket’s one-day delivery in Hong Kong is stable at around 95%. Cainiao has invested in the construction of about 1,500 self-pickup points and self-pickup cabinets in Hong Kong’s commercial centers and core residential areas, providing 7X24-hour logistics self-pickup services for Hong Kong citizens.

Rookie, Yuantong:Cainiao, Yuantong and Air China have invested a total of HK$12 billion to build Hong Kong’s aviation logistics hub.It is reported that the hub is planned to build a modern air logistics center with a total floor area of ​​380,000 square meters. After completion, it can handle tens of millions of cross-border e-commerce parcels every year, providing strong support for the global logistics network that must be reached within 72 hours. , is expected to be put into use in 2023.

SF Express:SF Express acquired 100% equity of DHL Supply Chain (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and DHL Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which will integrate DPDHL’s supply chain business in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. It is worth mentioning that Wang Wei, the founder of SF Express, has a long story with Hong Kong. When Wang Wei was a teenager, he was scrambling on the streets of Hong Kong. In addition, he also had some friends in the mainland. He needed to travel between the mainland and Hong Kong frequently and help friends with things. During this period, he discovered business opportunities and then founded SF Express. .

Jingdong:Liu Qiangdong, founder, chairman and CEO of JD.com, said in an interview with the media,JD.com is considering listing its subsidiaries on Hong Kong and mainland Chinese stock markets. “First of all, we haven’t decided on which market we should list,” he said.Because JD.com’s main business is listed on the Nasdaq stock market, he hinted thatLogistics business may be dual-listed in Hong Kong and China.

Zhongtong:ZTO has established joint ventures with Turkish Airlines and Pacific Airlines, headquartered in Hong Kong.The two parties integrate and synergize their respective advantageous resources, deploy and develop global air transportation services, and provide various door-to-door logistics services, including collection, picking, transportation, receiving and dispatching, express, cross-border docking and last-mile distribution. At the same time, the joint venture will also provide warehouse management, order and supply chain management.

It can be seen from the above cases that express logistics companies and e-commerce platforms such as Cainiao, JD.com, SF Express, YTO, ZTO, etc. have all targeted Hong Kong, and have created some “story” with Hong Kong. What exactly is this for?

First of all, in the view of Liu Dacheng, deputy dean of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, during the period of closed-door isolation or reform and opening up, Hong Kong has served as the only window for my country’s mainland and the world’s economic and trade, including logistics resource endowments.

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Published on 09/07/2022