Yunji, Global Catcher, Love Inventory, who are the real S2b2c believers?

Yunji, Global Catcher, Love Inventory, who are the real S2b2c believers?

In the era of mobile Internet, when online traffic tends to be saturated and the cost of acquiring customers is getting higher and higher, the emergence of social e-commerce has made everyone’s eyes shine, obtaining high traffic in a short period of time, and realizing high-speed social fission through social fission. develop. It goes without saying that Pinduoduo, the first stock in the industry, at the same time, Yunji Weidian, Global Catcher, and Aistock are also uncompromising star companies in the e-commerce field.

It is worth mentioning that the S2b2C model proposed by Professor Zeng Ming, President of Alibaba Lakeside University, is the slogan of Yunji Weidian, Global Catcher, and Aistock, but compared with the three specific operation models, it is obvious that there is a big difference. Differences, then who are the real believers of the S2b2C model among these three?

The essence of regression model theory: identifying the three-way positioning becomes the key

Yunji, Global Catcher, Love Inventory, who are the real S2b2c believers?

In order to really find out who is a pure S2b2C believer, we must first figure out what the essence of the S2b2C model is, otherwise all discussions will be water without a source and trees without roots.

S2b2C was formally proposed by Zeng Ming, president of Lakeside University, in 2017. In his discussion, S refers to a large supply chain platform that greatly improves supply-side efficiency. And “b” refers to a large platform corresponding to 10,000, 100,000, or even higher 10,000-level small bs, allowing them to complete customer-oriented services. Therefore, S and many small bs have a close cooperation relationship, rather than a simple business relationship.

In this industry chain, S and small b serve c together, and the core of the connection lies in the empowerment of small b by S. When little b serves c, some service provided by S must be called. Specifically, S can not only provide a certain tool-based platform service, but also must combine the upstream supply chain to some extent to help b better serve C; for S, the process of small b serving c It is transparent and can provide real-time feedback to achieve automatic collaboration and better serve C. If the distributor does not fully participate in the process of serving C, then it is not a pure S2b2C model.

For example, a small Internet celebrity e-commerce brand cannot get strong support from the supply chain due to its own scale and brand limitations. Therefore, if the platform can integrate the big s of the front-end supply chain, then it can be small in the supply chain. form a lot of support. Therefore, if S has any buying and selling relationship with small B or just provides a platform for small B, it cannot be called a pure S2b2C model.

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Published on 09/07/2022