Yunji Technology Robot Chassis – Creation Changes Lives

With the continuous advancement of technology,RobotThe development of robots is changing with each passing day, and its application has gradually expanded from high-end fields to daily life. More and more robots have begun to enter people’s daily lives, handling tedious affairs for people and bringing more convenience to people.

Yunji Technology’s universal intelligent mobile platform – “Water Drop” and “Cloud Sea” came into being. It is a wheeled Robot platform with complete and mature perception, cognition and positioning and navigation capabilities.Yunji Technology pioneered the application of the servo wheel housingmotorIt adopts the six-wheel suspension chassis with strong anti-overturning force and can rotate on the spot, and uses the Robot CAN communication protocol, and uses the multi-sensor fusion positioning technology to greatly improve the positioning ability and anti-interference of the robot. ability.

Yunji Technology Robot Chassis – Creation Changes Lives

Autonomous path planning/autonomous obstacle avoidance Flexible and safe

The cloud track universal intelligent mobile platform “Water Drop” can independently plan paths, avoid obstacles autonomously, multi-sensors can deal with obstacles of different heights, stationary and moving, a variety of mobile strategies, and respond to different mobile scenarios for different mobile needs, such as: random movement, No matter how you walk, you can reach the target point; if you walk on a fixed path, you will not switch other paths after selecting one path. At the same time, it supports adding a deep learning visual camera to deal with more blind spots of viewing angles. The accuracy of the arrival point can be maintained at a maximum of 5cm, within 6°, and the planned path in a 40,000-square-meter scene is 0.08s.

Yunji Technology Robot Chassis – Creation Changes Lives

Mature positioning and navigation functions Multi-machine scheduling is stable

Yunji Technology has the characteristics of high cohesion and low coupling. It has complete cognitive function components and mature positioning and navigation function components. The application interface is simple and clear. Both software modules and hardware modules support self-diagnosis and redundant security. It also supports cloud platform scheduling management. During mobile scheduling, the cloud can share locations with each other in a multi-machine scenario, intelligently avoid conflict areas, and prevent machines from encountering and failing to pass through narrow passages. Task scheduling is the next-click cloud call in the same scene, and intelligently assigns the machine to execute the task. When machines with different priorities meet, low priority avoids high priority, and it can be upgraded, diagnosed and monitored remotely.

Cloud trace has its own SLAM mapping, the map supports continuous scanning at breakpoints, closed-loop scenes are closed independently, and complex scenes can be closed with the aid of tools. In the application of elevator intelligent IoT, there is no need for customers to develop redundantly. The elevator logic is integrated inside the chassis, one-key call, elevator electronic door & gate IoT, when you arrive near the target, intelligently open the door, and close after passing, which is efficient and convenient.

Multiple secondary R&D can be carried out Obtained multiple certifications

In addition, the complete robot developed based on the Yunji chassis can provide a complete SDK for any secondary development, such as: configuring voice recognition, capturing images, performing face recognition, etc. The complete robot can understand the user’s voice, and Interact according to the content, and the interactive content can be set as a joke or business consultation according to the configuration.At the same time, it will also provide robot expressions and robot dialogue interfaces to achievemechanicalArm control.

The Yunji chassis can connect to multi-brand elevators of any type, go up and down elevators, switch gates, open and close doors at will, and automatically charge. Yunji Technology’s universal intelligent mobile platform integrates high technology and high appearance, and has passed a number of certifications such as FCC, EMC, CR, KCC, etc., and has received unanimous praise at home and abroad. At the same time, Yunji Technology also accepts the overall customization of robots, which can be customized according to specific requirements to meet the needs of use as much as possible.

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Published on 09/18/2022