Zhangye Zhizao helps the national anti-fraud robot “Qi Qi” to preach


Our reporter Song Fangke

“Hello everyone, I’m Zhangye City Public Security Bureau Anti-telephone FraudRobotQi Qi, welcome to visit the Zhangye Anti-telephone Fraud Propaganda Hall. I will show you the following. “In Zhangye City’s Anti-electronic Fraud Propaganda Hall, the Robot “Qi Qi” was busy receiving visitors.

“Qi Qi” is a Robot made by Zhangye. “Joined” Zhangye City Anti-Electronic Fraud Propaganda Center to become a propagandist. He can guide the masses to visit various exhibition areas of the venue, and can also broadcast anti-fraud knowledge by voice, which is well received by visitors. ‘s like.

The Zhangye Anti-telephone Fraud Propaganda Center is built with the support of the Zhangye Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. The Zhangye City Public Security Bureau and the Zhangye City Public Security Bureau Ganzhou Branch are stationed in anti-fraud police to be responsible for anti-telephone fraud publicity and early warning of risks of electronic fraud.

In order to make the anti-electric fraud museum lively and interesting and attract people to visit, the Zhangye Public Security Bureau invited the robot “Qi Qi”, and the police also wrote and performed a fraud prevention sitcom. In the immersive experience area of ​​the Anti-Electronic Fraud Museum, the public can systematically understand the various routines of fraud. In the quick answer area, the masses can form a team to answer quickly, come to a competition, and learn anti-fraud knowledge unknowingly through interactive experience.

Che Zhimin, a first-level senior police chief of the Zhangye Public Security Bureau and the head of the Zhangye Anti-telephone Fraud Propaganda Center, said that he chose to build the propaganda hall outside the Public Security Bureau mainly to facilitate the public to visit. It is unrealistic for a large number of people to visit the public security bureau to learn anti-fraud knowledge, but the publicity hall is set up outside and can receive visitors at any time. There is also an anti-fraud lecture hall in the publicity hall, and the anti-fraud police will regularly hold lectures to popularize anti-fraud knowledge for the masses. At the same time, the publicity hall is permanently stationed on the 96110 anti-fraud special line, and carries out pre-dissuasion and timely reminds the public to immediately prevent the risk of electronic fraud.

According to statistics, in 2021, the Anti-telephone Fraud Propaganda Center will carry out 13 batches of trainings, with more than 1,000 trainees, more than 110,000 early warning and dissuasion calls from 96110, and more than 3,000 consultation calls from the masses, successfully discouraging more than 300 people, saving the masses. Lost more than 600 million yuan.

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Published on 09/07/2022