Zhijia Technology Liu Wanqian: Large-scale commercialization within ten years, automatic driving will not be dominated by Waymo alone

In March 2018, it reached a cooperation with FAW Jiefang, the largest commercial vehicle company in the country. On November 8 of that year, it joined hands with Manbang Group, the largest logistics company in the country. 7 days later, it announced that it had obtained the A+ round of financing led by Sequoia, and 6 days later, it cooperated with FAW Jiefang. , The Manbang Group joined hands with NVIDIA… Zhijia Technology, an autonomous driving company founded in Silicon Valley in 2016, rapidly increased its popularity in 2018.

On January 19, the FAW Jiefang Ecological Partner Conference was held in Xiamen. As an ecological partner of FAW Jiefang’s “Columbus Project”, Zhijia Technology participated in the conference and became the first customer of FAW Jiefang’s smart car delivery. Taking this opportunity, Yiou Auto had the opportunity to talk with Liu Wanqian, founder and CEO of Zhijia Technology.

During the conversation, Liu Wanqian did not shy away from the fact that he may be a relatively small partner of FAW Jiefang. In his view, the entire smart logistics ecosystem must rely on the joint efforts of excellent companies with different divisions of labor, and Zhijia Technology is in the first echelon of the global commercial vehicle autonomous driving field.

Liu Wanqian’s confidence comes not only from his judgment on the future of the industry, but also from his high-quality team and focus on subdivisions.

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Also selected as an important partner of the “Columbus Project” with the startup company Zhijia Technology,Regardless of whether it is an upstream or downstream enterprise, the business leaders sitting around Liu Wanqian are all from huge century-old stores or giants in the industry.. FAW Jiefang is my country’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer and the oldest auto company in my country; Manbang Group has the largest capacity pool and data pool in the domestic logistics industry; NVIDIA is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of programmable graphics processing technology . In addition, more than 40 well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Bosch, Continental, and JD.com participated in this ecosystem. It is worth mentioning that the Manbang Group even entrusted the development of autonomous driving technology to Zhijia Technology.

Zhijia Technology Liu Wanqian: Large-scale commercialization within ten years, automatic driving will not be dominated by Waymo alone

(FAW Jiefang delivered the first batch of smart cars to Zhijia Technology)

As a company with many leaders with entrepreneurial experience,Zhijia Technology is not a company that only focuses on scientific research. They are very clear that strong and consistent partners can not only provide them with re

Published on 01/26/2023