Zhu Jianghong will talk about Miss Dong’s machine tool ideal when he publishes the book

Recently, an uncle named Zhu Jianghong published a book called “Zhu Jianghong’s Autobiography: My 24 Years in Charge of Gree”. Perhaps only mentioning the name Zhu Jianghong, most of the young people in the industry don’t know him anymore, because he is indeed too low-key for his later successors. So much so that when everyone mentions Gree Group, the first impression in their minds will only be Miss Dong, who claims to have “walked the road without a blade of grass”, not Zhu Jianghong, the first general manager of Gree Electric Company, the true creator of Gree.

As a senior in the industry, after retiring, recalling the past to sum up my career, and writing a book to provide some life experience to young people who are just starting out in the arena is an excellent thing. However, as soon as the book came out, it was quickly interpreted by the media as a public conflict between the former chairman of Gree and the current chairman Dong Mingzhu. This comes from a passage in his book:

“If an entrepreneur does not have a good character and has no appetite, it will not only be difficult to achieve great things, but also difficult to communicate with people, which will eventually lead to the loss of talents and the division of partners. I often say that the personality orientation of a leader has an impact on the enterprise. A significant impact can even determine the success or failure of a business.”

Combined with the fact that Zhu Jianghong reduced his holdings of Gree stocks after his retirement, the editor believes that this “Gree Dad” has been completely disappointed with Gree in the “Miss Dong era”.

Over the years, Ms. Dong and Gree under her leadership have begun to build cars, mobile phones, and research and development of intelligent equipment. At each press conference, Ms. Dong’s rhetoric will attract the attention of people in the industry.

For example, Miss Dong once said with great pride that she would make the most top-notch products within two years.CNC machine.

However, at the 2nd Pearl River West Bank Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Investment and Trade Fair held in Foshan, Guangdong on September 29, 2016, Gree’s CNC drilling and tapping centers GA-Z4060 and GA-Z4055 were constantly complained. Many people think that Gree These two CNCsmachine toolIt’s nothing more than buying a system, buying hardware, and then assembling it in my own workshop. There are no bright spots.

Zhu Jianghong will talk about Miss Dong's machine tool ideal when he publishes the book

Today, Gree’s biggest profit is still the air-conditioning business.

In Zhu Jianghong’s view, this is the result of Miss Dong’s betrayal of Gree’s spirit, and the confusion of Gree’s strategic path under the control of Miss Dong’s sales thinking.

In the interview, Zhu also said that he is not against diversification, but it must be close diversification based on Gree’s own core capabilities, rather than blindly expanding the scale and scope of operations.

We know that Gree’s housekeeping skills are explained in one sentence as “mastering core technology”, and it has three well-known business concepts: “An enterprise without innovation is an enterprise without a soul; an enterprise without core technology is an enterprise without a backbone. An enterprise without quality products is an enterprise without a future.” Under the guidance of such a concept and spirit, as of now, Gree has owned a total of 15 “internationally leading” technologies, and has applied for 27,487 patents, including 10,975 invention patents. item.

And all of this, the real creator is the protagonist Zhu Jianghong we mentioned at the beginning. In 1992, Gree Electric Company was established, and Zhu Jianghong served as the first general manager, and served as the chairman of Gree Group for a long time from 2001 to 2012, and was the “top leader” of Gree. It can be said that Gree’s real “soul” is Zhu Jianghong, not Miss Dong.

From the beginning to today, Miss Dong’s label in Gree is a super sales expert. In 1992, Miss Dong’s sales in Anhui exceeded 16 million yuan, accounting for 1/8 of the company. Then he was transferred to Nanjing, and his personal sales jumped to 36.5 million yuan within a year. Since Dong Mingzhu became the head of the operation department at the end of 1994, Gree air conditioners have long occupied the first place in the country in terms of production and sales. As a leader known for her marketing ability, Ms. Dong focuses more on how to expand the company’s influence and expand its market sales and share. As for technology, it is obviously not her forte.

In the past, the editor has analyzed with you that at present, 90% of China’s high-end CNC machine tool functional components,automationTools and CNC systems rely on foreign technical support. It is undeniable that Gree has abundant funds and strong scientific research capabilities. However, in just two years, Gree, which advocates “mastering core technology”, still has not made a comprehensive breakthrough from software to hardware, and has the ability to manufacture top machine tools.

Therefore, the editor believes that Gree has the ability to create good machine tools, but Miss Dong’s ideal of creating the top CNC machine tools in two years is absolutely uncomplimentable.

Zhu Jianghong said frankly: “Corporate culture is the culture of leadership, which permeates the atmosphere of ‘top leaders’. If the top leaders change, the original corporate culture may also change. As a founder, I can’t comment. Consumers will evaluate it, everyone will wait and see.” Although this is a bit resentful after “people take the tea to cool off”, it may be that he has a deeper understanding of the successor Miss Dong who has been picked up by himself, so after seeing Dong Miss, feel sorry and distressed for the departure from what he considers the “Gree Spirit”.

Of course, nothing has come to an end, everything has just begun. Today, when the country has begun economic transformation, suppressed the real estate bubble, and vigorously supported high-end manufacturing, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Miss Dong and his Gree.

Where to go, we can only give time and wait and see.

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Published on 08/29/2022